Does Alexa work unplugged?

Have you ever wondered if Alexa works unplugged? This small voice assistant, part of the Echo line, generally spends the days connected to electricity, ready to help with whatever you need. 

However, many people have this question: can Alexa be used without being directly connected to the power supply? All models in the Echo line need a power source to work, as they do not have an internal battery.

Still, if you want to take your Alexa to every corner of the house or even outside, there are ways to do this. In the next few lines, you will discover that there are accessories created especially to give Alexa mobility!

Quick answer

To use your Alexa without being plugged in, you can purchase bases with an integrated battery. These accessories allow you to enjoy all of Alexa's functionalities in a portable way since all models in the Echo line need a power source to work, as they do not have an internal battery.

Which Alexa works unplugged?

Does Alexa work unplugged? - Source: Reproduction
Does Alexa work unplugged? – Source: Reproduction

No Alexa is designed to work unplugged without an extra accessory, but there are supports with an integrated battery that allow you to enjoy all of your Alexa's features without worrying about being far from an outlet. 

Below, see a list of these companions that will enable this mobility.

  • Fanxoo ED3 for Echo Dot 3: With it, just connect your Alexa Echo Dot and take it anywhere. The battery promises to last up to 8 hours depending on how you use Alexa outside of the socket;
  • GGMM D3 Battery Base for Echo Dot 3: Like the previous one, this battery base is a great choice, offering up to 8 hours of autonomy;
  • GGMM D5 Battery Base for Echo Dot 4th and 5th generation: If you have a newer Echo Dot, this base is compatible and gives you up to 7 hours of music and assistance;
  • New Charging Base for Echo Dot 4th and 5th generation (Made for Amazon): Looking for ease of use and portability? This charging base is an excellent choice and, like the others, can be found on Amazon.com.br.

When you opt for one of these battery-powered bases, your Alexa gains new horizons to help and entertain you with music, information and other resources, all this without needing a socket nearby!

Do I need to unplug Alexa?

It was created to always be connected, making your daily life easier with quick responses and immediate access to information and entertainment – after all, a continuous connection ensures that it is always ready to help.

Of course, if you choose to attach a base with a battery, you can enjoy your Alexa without worrying about wires for a long time. The autonomy of this depends on the battery capacity of the accessory. 

So, if you're really going to do this, it's worth checking the duration promised by the battery base manufacturer to make sure how long you can stay away from an outlet.

Preserve your security

And look, a safety tip is interesting in this context: when you're not around for a longer period of time, muting Alexa's listening could be a good thing. 

Thus, it continues with the programmed routines, but will not respond to any command that may be accidentally captured, helping to keep everything working properly, even when it is working unplugged. 


You understand how Alexa works and the alternatives that allow you to use it outside the socket, right? It is important to remember to always check the compatibility of the battery base with the specific model of your assistant. 

Look for an accessory that suits you and allows you to enjoy the convenience of having a virtual assistant always nearby, even if you are far from an outlet. And don't forget: to choose the right foundation, think about your routine and how much mobility you really need. 

This way, you will make the most of your Alexa, with music, information and everything else it offers, anywhere in your home or outside!

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