Smart bedroom: the best devices to automate your bedroom

Technology has become an essential part of the lives of millions of people, influencing not only the way we interact with the world, but also how we experience the comfort of our own homes. And we cannot deny that the integration of these devices completely changes the concept of our home.

Bedrooms, traditionally seen as spaces for rest and privacy, are transforming into technological spaces with the arrival of “smart rooms” where the integration of smart devices elevates the comfort experience.

The variety of appliances available to transform your bedroom into a modern and practical environment is vast and impressive. Read on to find out more about these devices and how they can transform your bedroom into a practical and innovative space.

Quick answer

To create a smart and modern room, you can start by choosing products such as lamps and LED strips that can be controlled by a smartphone, as well as smart sockets to give commands to any device. Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection and think about the gadgets that best fit your routine, such as those compatible with virtual assistants. By investing in comfort and personalization, you will transform your space with ease.

Check out the list of the best smart devices

Smart bedroom: check out the best devices to automate your bedroom - Source: Freepik
Smart bedroom: the best devices to automate your bedroom – Source: Freepik

Smart Color Smart Bulb – Elgin

Smart Color Smart Bulb - Elgin

When it comes to making your room more interactive, Elgin Smart Lamps are excellent options. These lamps are known for their versatility and features that adapt to modern lighting needs. 

Elgin's smart bulbs can be controlled remotely via smartphone apps, allowing users to adjust light intensity, choose colors and set automatic on and off times based on their personal needs.

A positive point is that these lamps are more efficient as they consume less energy and have a longer useful life, which contributes to reducing electricity costs. Like any other LED lamp, installation is simple and quick, not requiring complex electrical changes or the use of special equipment.

HI by Geonav Smart LED Strip

HI by Geonav Smart LED Strip

The Smart LED Strip is ideal for those who love to personalize their space. Like other devices, it can be controlled by an app that allows users to adjust the color, intensity and lighting patterns directly from their smartphone.

Furthermore, they are compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, making it possible to control lighting through voice commands. They are easy to install, as they contain an adhesive on the back, allowing them to be placed in strategic locations for the best lighting effect.

Smart Plug Wi-Fi I2GO smart socket

The I2GO Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a practical and intelligent solution for those who want to add more connectivity and control to any device, as it allows them to be controlled remotely, transforming any item into a “smart” device.

It can be operated through an application available for smartphones, making it possible to turn on and off any device remotely. Some Smart Plug models also offer energy monitoring features, allowing you to monitor the consumption of connected devices.

The smart plug is designed to be simple and intuitive. Just plug it into a socket and then connect the desired device to the plug.

Smart Wi-Fi Switch

Want to have full control over your bedroom lighting without getting out of bed? The Smart Switch puts you in charge. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, it allows you to turn on, off or adjust the intensity of lights using just your voice. 

Perfect for those looking for convenience and love having a connected home, it allows you to create schedules to automate when the lights should be turned on or off. For example, you can program the lights to automatically turn on at sunset or to turn off at midnight, ideal for energy savings and safety.

Its installation is simple and does not require major renovations. However, as the traditional switch needs to be replaced, the ideal is for the person to have basic knowledge of electricity and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Echo Dot 3rd generation

Imagine being able to control all the smart devices in your room with a simple voice command? That's what the Echo Dot 3rd Generation promises. It is a compact and versatile device that serves as an intelligent virtual assistant. 

In addition to controlling smart devices, you can make calls and send messages, making it easier to communicate with friends and family.

The Echo Dot is an excellent speaker that offers sound quality to play your music, news and answer different questions. You can, for example, wake up to the sound of your favorite playlist or ask for the weather forecast while getting ready.

Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is an advancement in Smart speakers, as in addition to its virtual assistant functions, it comes with a 5-inch screen that displays information, videos, live broadcasts, photos and much more. If communication and visual control are important to you, this device is the ideal choice.

It has multiple layers of privacy protection, such as the ability to turn off the camera and microphone with a single button, as well as a physical shutter that can cover the camera.

Another important point is that the Echo Show 5 can act as a central hub for smart devices in your home, allowing you to view and control other smart appliances.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are an excellent innovation, offering efficiency. These smart devices can roam different rooms in the house, keeping the floor clean without requiring any human effort. 

Ideal for those who have a busy routine, they ensure that the floor is always clean. Some models have features such as the option to mop the floor, in addition to suction, and are capable of being controlled and programmed via the smartphone app. 

Many robot vacuums are energy efficient, using only the amount needed to complete their tasks, which can help reduce your overall energy consumption.

Philips Hue Smart light

The Philips Hue Smart Light is one of the most advanced options on the smart lighting market, offering a robust combination of functionality, flexibility and integration

With a system that allows you to control the lights via smartphone, Philips Hue offers different color and intensity options. You can program your lamps to turn on and off at specific times, simulate presence at home while you are traveling, etc.

They are easy to install, as well as being much more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lamps.

Tips for choosing and using products

Choosing the ideal products to automate your room goes far beyond just buying technology. For everything to work in harmony, take your daily habits into account. A valuable tip is to think about which devices you use most and how they can make your routine more practical and comfortable. A smart speaker, for example, can centralize voice commands and act as a true “conductor” for other devices.

To ensure that your experience is the best, the device installation and configuration phase should not be ignored. It's worth taking the time to set up each product's app and explore all the functions they offer.

This way, everything will be adjusted exactly to your needs. And don't forget: a powerful router can make all the difference in keeping all your devices connected.


By choosing to transform your bedroom into a smart space, you are choosing an environment that adapts to your needs, optimizes your time and offers a unique well-being experience. 

Remember, the key to successful smart device integration is choosing products that complement each other and carefully configuring them to ensure they work seamlessly.

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