Smart kitchen: the best smart appliances for your kitchen

Have you ever imagined being able to control your refrigerator from your cell phone or even adjust the temperature of your oven while Are you still lying on the couch? Some smart refrigerator models not only let you do all this using your cell phone, for example, but also suggest recipes with what's inside.

With these smart items, the “high-tech” kitchen is now a reality – and in addition to offering comfort, they also help you save on your energy bills. They also make your life easier with functions for creating shopping lists.

We're going to show you a selection of the most incredible gadgets that make the kitchen a more practical, safe and economical environment. Keep reading to find out what's new!

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If you want to make your kitchen routine easier, smart products are a great option. With them, you can control household appliances using your cell phone, save energy and even receive recipe suggestions. Discover how smart refrigerators, microwaves and hoods can completely transform your cooking experience, offering more practicality and efficiency for your daily life in the kitchen. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best ones and learn how to use them optimally.

List of the best smart devices

Smart kitchen: the best smart appliances for your kitchen – Source: Reproduction

Samsung Smart French Door Family Hub Refrigerator

With its elegant design and ability to be controlled by cell phone, this Samsung refrigerator is ideal for those looking to connect home life with technology. Its functions allow you to monitor the interior without opening the door and receive recipe recommendations depending on the food available.

Its benefits are not limited to the practicality of viewing its interior on your cell phone; it also has the Family Board to share messages and photos and SmartView to mirror content from your smartphone or television. 

Energy saving is another strong point, with a system that consumes less, benefiting your pocket. Having a smart refrigerator like the Samsung Family Hub means having not just an appliance, but an entertainment center and personal assistant in the kitchen. 

Xiaomi Mijia Microwave

It's not just a device for heating food; it has intelligent features that can be controlled by your cell phone via an app, and is perfect for those looking for practicality and technology;

It's able to adjust the cooking time and defrost mode at the touch of a button, even when you're not around. It differentiates itself by having an intelligent defrosting system that better preserves the texture and flavor of food, as well as its sterilization function. 

Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to receive notifications directly on your cell phone when the food is ready are features that are not easily seen out there. Investing in the Xiaomi Mijia Microwave is acquiring an ally that saves time and improves the kitchen experience. 

Brastemp Vitreous Island Hood

Combining technology and sophisticated design, it has intelligent sensors that adjust its operation as needed, making it ideal for those who like to keep the environment always fresh and free from smoke and odors. 

Its integration with the cell phone via infrared facilitates control and monitoring. And its highlights, of course, are not limited to the remote control. It features customizable lighting and a bold design, along with advanced smoke detectors.

Considering the Brastemp Vitreous Island Hood is choosing a smart appliance that enhances the style of the kitchen as much as its functionality. 

Electrolux Unicook IE60P induction cooktop

The device promises to bring speed and precision in temperature control, making food preparation more intuitive and safe – it is ideal for those who love cooking and want something that integrates perfectly into the modern smart kitchen environment.

Among the benefits, the Pause function stands out, which allows you to interrupt cooking and resume it with the same temperature setting, as well as the Unicook Zone, which guarantees uniform heat distribution. 

The innovation of this cooktop also lies in its super-automatic ignition and the ability to be controlled remotely, thus bringing greater convenience to the user.

Whoever chooses the Electrolux Induction Cooktop is choosing a product that stands out for its features that save time and provide greater control when preparing meals. 

Airfryer Oster OFRT950

With an innovative design and a digital panel that makes it easy to use, this appliance combines beauty and functionality, fitting perfectly into the lives of those who have a busy routine and seek practicality in the kitchen.

The main benefits include the possibility of programming the cooking time and keeping the temperature constant, thus ensuring crispy food on the outside and soft on the inside. 

It has pre-programmed functions, making the entire process more intuitive. Remote control and alerts are features that allow you to do other activities while your meal is being prepared.

Purchasing the Oster OFRT950 Airfryer is taking a step towards modernizing your kitchen, prioritizing convenience without neglecting healthy eating.

Connected home kit (Infrared Control, Smart Bulb and Smart Socket)

The Connected Home Kit is essential for transforming your home into an intelligently orchestrated automation space. With items such as the Infrared Control, the Smart Lamp and the Smart Socket, you start to create an ecosystem where multiple devices can be manipulated via app or voice command. 

The main advantage of this kit is simplified integration, allowing you to control lights, appliances and even the stove from your cell phone, providing unprecedented customization for your environment. 

Choosing the Connected Home Kit is a leap towards practicality and remote monitoring, essential elements in an increasingly smart world. 


LG Smart Instaview Door-in-Door ThinQ Refrigerator

LG developed this device with ThinQ technology, which allows you to see inside without opening the door, thanks to a transparent panel that lights up with two touches – perfect for controlling the freshness of food without wasting energy.

Its advantages range from the Hygiene Fresh+ filter that purifies the air inside the refrigerator, to temperature control via the LG ThinQ app on your cell phone. 

Choosing the LG Smart Instaview Refrigerator means choosing a device that stands out in the market for its ability to connect to your digital routine. And in addition to all the benefits mentioned, it also has an advanced energy efficiency system, which contributes to conscious energy consumption. 

HI Smart Smoke Sensor by Geonav

It is able to quickly detect the presence of smoke, sending notifications to your cell phone, allowing you to have control even when you are not at home. Suitable for people who value a safe and protected environment, this sensor is an ally in preventing accidents.

It offers more than security, it easily integrates with your home network via Wi-Fi connection and can be monitored remotely. With it, you can be sure that you will always be informed about what is happening in your kitchen, even if you are in another local.

Buying the HI by Geonav Smart Smoke Sensor means having the guarantee of a product that strengthens the concept of a connected home, and is the type of investment that brings peace of mind. 

Tips for choosing and using products

When choosing the best appliances to set up a smart kitchen, pay attention to the ease of installing and using these devices, as most smart appliances are designed to be easy to use. 

A smart dishwasher, for example, can allow you to adjust the washing cycle using your cell phone, while some stoves even allow you to automatically download recipes. However, to get the most out of these innovations, it is important that you learn how to program your appliances to achieve energy efficiency

A coffee maker that turns on automatically in the morning and a refrigerator that optimizes energy consumption at lower rate times are examples of how you can save money without giving up convenience.


Now that you've learned about a variety of smart appliances and how they can transform your kitchen, do you understand how you can have more convenience in your everyday life? 

These devices not only offer practicality and remote control, but are also allies in energy saving and home security. There is no doubt that adapting your kitchen to make it smart is a wise choice. 

If you value convenience, security and want to be in line with a trend that is becoming increasingly common, smart products are a great choice!

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