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Do you want to learn to drive and pass the Detran test first time? So check out our list of the best apps to help you with this challenge! To find out more just continue reading.

Turning the complicated process into an easy and fun experience

Learning to drive can be a complicated process, but with our app, we make this experience easy and fun. We understand that each person has their own learning pace, which is why we offer different modes and difficulty levels to suit all types of vehicles, from motorcycles to buses.

With Autoescola 2020, you will have access to practical driving classes, where you can put into practice the driving techniques you have learned. Furthermore, we offer a realistic driving simulator, which allows you to familiarize yourself with different traffic situations before facing the real test.

One of the main advantages of our app is the emphasis on learning parking techniques. We know that many candidates struggle with this skill, so we offer different parking modes, from street parking to parking in tight spaces. With our step-by-step method, you will learn the best parking techniques and gain confidence to perform this task with ease.

In addition, Autoescola 2020 offers extensive content on traffic signs, with a complete list of identification signs. Our written tests help you better understand traffic rules and prepare for the theory exam. With different learning modes, such as driving test and street signs, you will be prepared to face any traffic situation.

For those who wish to have complete organization in their learning process, we offer the “Aulas da Autoescola” application. With it, you will be able to organize your theoretical and practical classes efficiently, ensuring that you are prepared to obtain your driver's license. We know how important it is to have solid organization when preparing for your driving test, and our app is here to help you in this regard.

Benefits of the Learning to Drive App:

  • Practical driving lessons and realistic driving simulator
  • Step-by-step method to learn parking techniques
  • Extensive coverage of road signs and written tests
  • Different learning modes to suit all vehicle types
  • “Aulas da Autoescola” application to organize your learning process
Practical driving lessonsPractice driving techniques and gain confidence
Driving SimulatorGet familiar with different traffic situations before the actual test
Learn parking techniquesPark easily and safely in different situations
Complete coverage of traffic signsIdentify the plates correctly and understand their respective rules
Written testsImprove your understanding of traffic rules and prepare for the theory exam
Different learning modesAdapt to your vehicle and skill level
“Aulas da Driving Escola” applicationOrganize your theoretical and practical classes efficiently

Complete preparation for the driving test

Our app offers complete preparation so you're ready for your driving test, with driving lessons, detailed instructions and a realistic driving simulator.

The driving lessons available on the app are designed to help you become familiar with the driving techniques and practices needed to pass your test. Our experienced instructors provide step-by-step instructions, covering everything from the basics to the most challenging situations you may encounter while driving.

Realistic driving simulator allows you to practice your driving skills in a virtual environment without the risk of damage or accidents. You will have the opportunity to face different traffic conditions, interact with other vehicles and face specific challenges such as parking in tight spaces or dealing with emergency situations.

Driving lessons

On our app, you'll have access to a variety of driving lessons, designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a beginner or need to improve your driving skills, our classes cover everything from basic concepts to advanced defensive driving techniques and complex maneuvers.

Basic drivingLearn about vehicle controls, such as accelerating, braking and turning correctly.
Defensive drivingDevelop skills to avoid accidents and deal with challenging traffic situations.
Parking maneuversLearn effective techniques to park your vehicle easily and safely.

With our app, you will have access to detailed instructions, valuable tips and feedback to improve your driving skills. We are committed to helping you become a confident driver who is well prepared for your driving test.

Learn how to park your car with ease

With our app you will learn how to park your car easily and efficiently by following a step-by-step guide and learning the correct parking techniques. Whether parallel, perpendicular or parking in tight spaces, our app provides clear, practical instructions to ensure you become a parking master.

With Autoescola 2020, you will have access to different difficulty levels and parking modes to suit your skill level and the type of vehicle you are using. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced driver looking to improve, our app has options for everyone. Through realistic and interactive simulations, you will be able to practice parking in varied and challenging scenarios.

The app also offers valuable tips and tricks to improve your parking skills. You will learn correct positioning techniques, adjusting angles, controlling speed and much more. Our step-by-step guide is designed to ensure you understand and execute each step of the parking process with confidence and accuracy.

Parking TechniquesDescription
Parallel parkingLearn how to make markers in spaces parallel to the road.
Perpendicular parkingLearn to park in spaces perpendicular to the road.
Parking in tight spacesLearn to maneuver your vehicle in small, challenging spaces.

With Autoescola 2020, parking your car will no longer be a source of stress or worry. You'll be prepared to face any parking challenge you encounter, whether during your driving test or in everyday life.

Improve your understanding of streets and traffic signs.

Our app offers written tests and street sign knowledge, helping you improve your understanding of driving conditions and prepare properly for the street. By practicing with the written tests, you will be able to familiarize yourself with different road signs and learn their meaning. This is essential to becoming a safe and responsible driver.

In addition to written tests, the app also offers a comprehensive list of road signs for identification. Through this list, you will be able to study and memorize the different signs, their shapes, colors and the signs they represent. This will help you recognize and understand instructions and warnings on the road, ensuring safe and smooth driving.

Written test

Our app's written test is designed to challenge your knowledge of street signs and their interpretations. With varied and situational questions, you can test your understanding and improve your ability to identify signs in different contexts. The written test is a great way to practice before the official theory test and build your confidence for the test.

Transit platesDescription
R-1 PlateEntry ban for all vehicles.
R-2 PlateEntry ban for animal-drawn vehicles and bicycles.
R-3 PlateEntry ban for motorcycles.

Knowing road signs is crucial not only for passing your tests, but also for driving safely and efficiently. Our app is dedicated to providing the tools you need to improve your understanding of streets and road signs, preparing you to be a conscientious and responsible driver.

Start using our app today and join thousands of students who are learning to drive effectively, passing their driving test confidently and safely.

Traffic Sign Table
R-4 PlateTraffic ban for trucks.
R-5 PlateProhibition of movement for buses.
R-6 PlateProhibition of circulation for cars.

Different difficulty levels for all types of vehicles

Our app offers different difficulty levels to adapt to all types of vehicles, along with useful tips to help you learn to drive effectively. Whether you're learning to drive a motorcycle, scooter, car or bus, we have the right challenges for you.

In Autoescola 2020, you can choose between different learning modes. If you're just starting out and need basic driving practice, we have street parking and regular parking modes. If you already feel confident and want to challenge yourself, extreme parking mode is perfect for you.

Additionally, our app also offers a comprehensive quiz on driving, parking and vehicle maintenance. You can test your knowledge and identify areas where you need to improve. We've also included a complete list of road signs to help you familiarize yourself with the different street signs.

With different levels of difficulty and personalized features for each type of vehicle, Autoescola 2020 is the ideal tool to improve your driving skills. Download now and have the confidence to pass your driving test and get your driver's license!

ResourcesDifficulty levels
Parking modesEasy, Medium, Hard
Driving QuizBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
List of road signsAll common boards

Additional: “Driving School Classes” – Organize your learning process.

Furthermore, we have another application called “Aulas da Autoescola”, specially designed to help organize your theoretical and practical classes, facilitating the path to obtaining your driving license. With it, you will have all the tools to manage your learning process in an efficient and organized way.

“Aulas da Autoescola” allows you to create a personalized schedule with the dates and times of your classes, both theoretical and practical. This way, you will never miss an important class and can prepare in advance.

Additionally, the app offers features for tracking your progress. You will be able to record your grades, assessments and feedback received in classes, helping you identify your areas of improvement and focus on improving them. After all, constant practice is essential to succeed in the driving test.

Resources of “Aulas da Driving Escola”Benefits
Class schedulingYou will never miss an important class
Progress trackingIdentify your areas of improvement and focus on them
Notes and reviewsRecord your grades and receive feedback to improve

With the help of “Aulas da Autoescola”, you will have all the necessary organization to obtain your driver's license smoothly and efficiently. Don't let bureaucracy get in the way of your goal of having the freedom to drive. Download “Aulas da Driving Escola” now and prepare to become a safe and confident driver.


In short, our learn to drive app is the ideal tool to ensure you pass the test the first time, making the process easy, fun and effective.

Driving School 2020 is a complete application that offers comprehensive preparation for the driving test. With different learning modes like driving test, street signs, and written tests, you'll have all the tools you need to improve your understanding of streets and road signs.

Our app also excels at teaching parking techniques step by step, from regular parking to extreme parking. With practical exercises and clear instructions, you will be able to perfect your parking skills and feel confident as you face this stage of the test.

Furthermore, our app offers different difficulty levels to suit different types of vehicles such as motorcycles, scooters, cars and buses. With specific tips for each modality, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the challenges of each vehicle before even getting into one.

To complement your learning, we also provide the “Aulas da Autoescola” application, which helps you organize your theoretical and practical classes necessary to obtain your driving license. This way, you will have all the support you need to earn your driver's license effectively and smoothly.


Q: How can the “Autoescola 2020” app help me pass my driving test?

A: The “Autoescola 2020” app prepares you for your driving test, helping you learn driving and parking techniques. It offers quizzes on driving, parking and vehicle maintenance, as well as a list of road signs for identification. The different learning modes like driving test, street signs and written tests help you improve your understanding of the driving track and boost your confidence for the real test.

Q: What types of vehicles can I learn to drive with the app?

A: The “Autoescola 2020” application offers several difficulty levels for different types of vehicles, such as motorcycles, scooters, cars and buses. Regardless of the vehicle you want to learn to drive, the application has resources and tips suitable for each type.

Q: Does the app include parking training?

A: Yes, the “Autoescola 2020” app includes different parking modes such as street parking, regular parking and extreme parking. It will guide you step by step to learn how to park your car correctly, offering techniques and practices that make the parking process easier.

Q: In addition to the driving test, does the app offer other features?

A: Yes, the “Autoescola 2020” application offers the additional feature called “Aulas da Autoescola”. This resource helps organize the theoretical and practical classes necessary to obtain a driver's license, providing a complete and organized learning experience.

Q: How can I access the “Autoescola 2020” application?

A: The “Autoescola 2020” application is available for download in the application store on your mobile device. Just search for “Driving School 2020” and download it for free to start learning to drive in an effective and fun way.

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