Applications for monitoring WhatsApp: discover the best and safest

Whatsapp has become an indispensable communication tool in today's world. With this growth, the need to monitor activities on this application has also increased. Monitoring can be very useful for parents concerned about their children's safety and for companies that want to manage their teams.

WhatsApp monitoring apps offer a practical solution to ensure children's safety when using the internet and social networks. They bring peace of mind to families, allowing parents to monitor their children's activities on the app.

When choosing an application to monitor WhatsApp, it is important to opt for secure options that respect privacy. Reliable applications ensure the ethical and legal use of monitored information. Keep reading to learn how to select the best apps to monitor WhatsApp.

How to choose an app to monitor WhatsApp

To choose a reliable and safe app to monitor WhatsApp, you must consider some important points. First, check whether the app complies with privacy laws. This ensures that using the app does not violate legal rules and protects personal information.

Another aspect to be noted is the functionalities offered by the application. Look for features that meet your specific needs, such as reading messages, monitoring online status, and accessing shared media. This way, you can make the most of what the app has to offer.

Also read reviews from other users. They can provide valuable information about other people's experience with the app. Reviews and ratings help you choose a really reliable and efficient option for monitoring WhatsApp.

Main features of monitoring applications

WhatsApp monitoring apps offer several useful features. See some of the most common:

  • Message reading: Allows you to access sent and received conversations, helping to monitor the content of messages.
  • Online status monitoring: Informs when the user is online, making it easier to control usage time.
  • Access to shared media: Allows you to see photos, videos and other files exchanged in conversations.

These features are essential for complete and efficient monitoring. Knowing the main features, it becomes easier to choose an application that meets your needs.

Legal and ethical considerations when using spy apps

When using apps to monitor WhatsApp, it is very important to be aware of the legal implications. In many countries, monitoring conversations without consent may be illegal. Therefore, always follow privacy laws and make sure you are acting in accordance with the laws of your country.

Privacy is an essential aspect to consider. Using spy apps without authorization may violate the privacy of the monitored person. Before starting any monitoring, ensure that there is clear and informed consent from the people involved.

The consequences of unauthorized monitoring can be serious. Depending on the jurisdiction, you may face legal penalties such as fines and even imprisonment. Therefore, it is crucial to use these applications responsibly and ethically, always respecting the privacy of others.

Best apps to monitor WhatsApp

The market offers several popular applications for monitoring WhatsApp. Each has specific features and benefits that can meet different needs. Discover some of the best below.

Messenger Unread – No Last Seen

Messenger Unread is an application that allows you to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing that they have been viewed. With it, you can access conversations without leaving the “last seen” status, maintaining your privacy and preventing the other person from knowing when you read the message.

In addition to reading messages without marking them as seen, the application also offers the functionality of viewing statuses without leaving a trace. This means you can view your contacts' WhatsApp statuses without them knowing you've viewed them, providing greater discretion in monitoring.

Messenger Unread is available for Android and iOS operating systems, covering the majority of mobile devices on the market. This broad compatibility ensures that you can use the app regardless of which smartphone you have, offering a complete and accessible experience for users.


Eyezy is a monitoring app known for its powerful WhatsApp chat and call tracking features. With it, you can have access to messages sent and received, allowing you to monitor the content of conversations in a detailed and efficient way.

In addition to messages, Eyezy also allows you to view call logs made and received through WhatsApp. This feature is especially useful for parents who want to keep track of who their children are communicating with and for companies that need to monitor their employees' interactions.

Another interesting feature of Eyezy is the ability to track real-time localization of the monitored device. This can be valuable in ensuring the safety of children and teenagers by letting parents know where they are at any time. The application is compatible with Android and iOS, facilitating installation and use on different types of devices, ensuring comprehensive monitoring coverage.


WaStat is an application specialized in tracking time spent on WhatsApp. With it, you can monitor how much time a person spends using the messaging app, obtaining valuable information about usage habits and engagement with the platform.

One of the main advantages of WaStat is the presentation of detailed graphs that show the distribution of time spent on WhatsApp throughout the day, week or month. These charts provide a clear, intuitive view of your app usage, allowing you to quickly and easily identify patterns and trends.

WaStat's features are ideal for parents who want to control the time their children spend on WhatsApp and for employers looking to monitor their employees' productivity. The app is available for Android and iOS, ensuring you can use it on virtually any mobile device, offering flexibility and convenience for users.

How to install and configure monitoring applications

Installing and configuring apps to monitor WhatsApp may seem difficult, but a step-by-step guide simplifies the process. Start by downloading the app from your device's app store. Choose a reliable and secure app to avoid problems in the future.

After installing, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. Generally, you will need to grant access permissions to WhatsApp. This step is important to ensure the application works correctly and monitors the desired activities.

To protect privacy, set passwords and activate security options offered by the application. This ensures that only authorized people have access to monitored information. With these tips, you will be ready to use the application safely and efficiently.


In this article, we explore how WhatsApp monitoring apps can be useful in different situations, such as child safety and team management. Choosing a reliable and secure application is essential to ensure the privacy and legality of monitoring.

We present the main functionalities of these applications, such as reading messages, monitoring online status and accessing shared media. These tools make monitoring more efficient and convenient, helping you meet your specific needs.

Please remember the importance of using these applications responsibly. Respecting privacy and obtaining consent are fundamental steps to avoid legal problems. With the information presented, you are prepared to make an informed and safe choice.

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