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Deleted a photo by mistake and now want to get it back? Don't worry, the recovery process is simple and quick. In this concise 5-minute tutorial, we will learn how to use three effective apps to rescue your missing photos.

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Who never faced this? You're organizing your photos on your phone, you delete some to free up space and, suddenly, you accidentally delete an important photo.

Don't despair, there is a solution! Depending on your phone, there are different methods to bring back a deleted photo. Let's explore how you can get your precious photos back and prevent this from happening again. Keep reading to find out how to save your photos and protect yourself against future losses!

Understanding Photo Deletion on Cell Phone

It is essential to know what happens when a photo is deleted. Deleting a photo doesn't mean it disappears immediately.

On Android Cell Phones

On Android, deleted photos go to a sort of trash bin, giving you a second chance. They remain there for 30 days, allowing you to recover them before they are permanently deleted.

If you use Google Photos, your images are automatically saved. Deleted photos remain in the app's trash for 60 days. With backup enabled, you can restore photos deleted within this period.

On iPhones

On iPhones, the dynamics are similar. Deleted photos go to the “Recently Deleted” folder and remain there for 30 days, available for restoration.

With iCloud turned on, your photos are automatically backed up. Thus, it is possible to recover a photo from iCloud even after 30 days, if the backup is available.

Another alternative is photo recovery applications. These specialized apps can deep scan your phone's storage to find photos after they've been deleted.

How to Prevent Accidental Deletions of Photos and Videos

To avoid future problems, it is important to adopt some simple practices. The most effective way is to activate automatic backup to cloud services, such as Google Photos for Android or iCloud for iPhone, ensuring the security of your photos.

Regularly backing up photos from your cell phone to a computer or external hard drive is also a good security strategy, acting as an additional backup.

Also, be careful when selecting photos to delete, and if you delete one by mistake, try to undo it immediately. Remember, your phone's trash can only save photos for a limited time.

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos

If you've ever deleted a photo by mistake, there's a way to reverse it. Follow these steps:

First, check the trash or deleted files folder on your phone. Maybe the photo is still there.

Then, check your Google Photos or iCloud backups to find the image.

If these options don't work, a photo recovery app may be your last option to rescue the image from your phone's memory.

With this information, you're prepared to prevent and deal with accidental photo deletions. For more details about photo recovery apps, visit the next page of the article.

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