Applications for watching Dramas – Check out the best options!

Asian television dramas, known as dramas, have fervently captured the hearts of viewers around the planet through their engaging narratives and charismatic characters. Originating mainly from Japan, South Korea and China, dramas are experiencing marked growth in their international fan base.

Given this scenario, applications specialized in streaming dramas have become essential for fans of the genre. They offer quick and easy access to a wide range of titles, many of them available shortly after their original broadcast.

This article aims to present the best apps for watching dramas online, ensuring that fans always have their favorite episodes at hand.

Main Features of Drama Apps

When choosing an app to watch dramas, some aspects are essential for a pleasant experience. Firstly, a friendly and easy-to-use interface is essential.

This allows users to find and watch their favorite dramas without hassle, even for those less familiar with technology. Furthermore, the variety and catalog of dramas available are key points. The best apps offer a wide selection of titles, covering different genres and countries, catering to different tastes.

Finally, the subtitle options in different languages are an important differentiator, as they allow people from all over the world to enjoy the dramas. Streaming quality is also crucial, with the availability of different resolutions ensuring that users can enjoy high-quality viewing regardless of the speed of their internet connection.

Viki: Rakuten Viki

One of the most popular apps for watching dramas is Viki, known as Rakuten Viki. This app stands out for its intuitive interface and a vast catalog that includes not only dramas but also a variety of Asian TV shows and films.

A unique feature of Viki is the way it integrates its community of fans into the viewing experience. Users can contribute subtitles in multiple languages, making content accessible to a global audience. Additionally, Viki offers a real-time commenting function where viewers can share their reactions and thoughts while watching.

For those new to the app, some tips to optimize the experience include using search filters to find specific dramas, creating favorites lists, and exploring personalized recommendations based on past viewings.


Another app that has gained popularity among drama fans is Kocowa. This streaming service mainly focuses on Korean content, offering dramas, variety shows, and K-pop.

One of Kocowa's advantages is the availability of recent episodes of popular dramas shortly after they are broadcast in South Korea, which is a great attraction for fans who want to follow the releases in real time.

Furthermore, Kocowa subscribers have access to exclusive content and full episodes, differentiating it from other free applications. To start using Kocowa, simply create an account, choose a subscription plan and explore its catalog. The platform also offers a free trial period, allowing users to try out the service before committing to a subscription.


Another excellent option for drama aficionados is WeTV, an app that offers a wide range of Asian content, including an impressive collection of Chinese dramas.

WeTV's interface is designed for easy navigation, allowing users to discover new titles and genres with ease. In addition to dramas, the app also offers a variety of other Asian shows, including variety and movies.

For viewers looking for a more enriched experience, the premium version of WeTV offers exclusive episodes, early access to releases and an ad-free viewing experience. Streaming quality is another strong point of WeTV, ensuring that users can enjoy their favorite dramas in high definition.


Netflix, although a more generalist streaming platform, has also become a popular destination for drama fans. With a growing library of dramas, Netflix caters to genre newcomers and veterans alike.

The catalog includes a mix of beloved classics and new releases, with some exclusive original productions. Finding dramas on Netflix is simple, thanks to the well-organized categories and search function.

Additionally, the platform offers personalized recommendations based on the user's viewing preferences, making it easier to discover new favorites. Popular drama highlights on Netflix often include series that have achieved international success, providing a great introduction for those just starting to explore the world of dramas.


Hulu is another streaming platform that offers a notable selection of Asian dramas. While Hulu doesn't specialize exclusively in Asian content like some other apps mentioned, it still features a robust collection of Japanese, Korean, and other Asian dramas.

Hulu's advantage is its ability to offer a diverse streaming experience, combining dramas with a wide range of other content, such as films and Western series. When comparing Hulu to apps purely dedicated to dramas, users should consider content diversity as an important factor.

Additionally, the cost-benefit analysis of subscribing to Hulu is crucial, especially for those who want a platform that offers more than just dramas.

Other Recommended Applications

In addition to the apps already mentioned, there are other notable options for fans of dramas and Asian culture. Crunchyroll, for example, is known for its focus on Japanese animation, but it also offers a selection of Japanese dramas. Its interface is user-friendly, and the application is an excellent choice for those who like both dramas and anime.

AsianCrush features a variety of pan-Asian content, including dramas, movies, and variety shows from various regions of Asia. Finally, OnDemandKorea is an ideal choice for fans of Korean culture, with a wide range of Korean content including dramas, news and variety shows.

Each of these apps offers unique features and specialized catalogs, providing users with a variety of options to explore the diverse world of dramas.

Tips for Choosing the Best Drama App

When selecting an app to watch dramas, it is important to consider a few key factors. First, the cost of subscriptions and the availability of free plans must be evaluated. Some apps offer free content with ads, while others require a subscription for full access.

Evaluating the cost-benefit ratio can help you determine the best option for your needs and budget. Additionally, compatibility with different devices and operating systems is crucial. Make sure the app is supported on your smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

Finally, consider the online community and user support offered by the app. An active community can enrich your experience by providing recommendations and enabling discussions about your favorite dramas.


Global demand for Asian content, and in particular dramas, has increased significantly, reflecting a shift in audience entertainment preferences.

Exploring different apps according to your personal preferences can enrich your viewing experience, allowing you to discover a variety of titles and genres. Each app has its own quirks and strengths, so it's worth trying several to find the one that best suits your viewing style.

Additionally, we encourage fans to continue exploring new drama titles and genres, expanding their horizons, and enjoying the rich tapestry of stories these series offer. With the increasing availability of dramas through these apps, it has never been easier to delve into the fascinating narratives and cultures presented in these Asian series.

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