Discover the 3 best apps for viewing satellite images: see the Earth on your cell phone

Satellite Viewing Apps

These revolutionary programs transcend the simple functionality of viewing the Earth from above, becoming powerful tools for unprecedented exploration and knowledge.

They offer everything from displaying up-to-date information to accessing old image records, providing a range of possibilities for teachers, students, researchers and geography aficionados.

Continue reading to discover the top 3 apps and turn your smartphone into a window to a different view of our planet!

Google Earth

Google Earth is an advanced platform that has transformed the way we view and interact with the world map.

It offers a rich visual experience, with high-resolution images that allow you to observe metropolises, buildings, homes and even specific elements such as vehicles.

It enriches the experience by allowing you to rotate images to different angles, mark points of interest, calculate distances, and present a stunning 3D view of selected locations.

Features and characteristics

The 'Voyager' feature is an example of its innovative features, offering guided tours through different regions of the world and enriching the experience with narratives, photographs and videos.

Also interesting is the 'Time' function, which allows users to go back in time and observe the transformations of certain places over the years.

'Street View' is one of the most popular tools, providing a street-level perspective for a more detailed and realistic exploration of virtually visited locations.

With extensive customization options and 3D visualization, the platform becomes a valuable educational and exploratory resource.


Available for Android and IOS, Google Earth is accessible to a large global audience and has more than half a billion installs.

The application is widely recognized and valued for its ability to provide accurate geographic information and immersive experiences.

NASA World Wind

NASA World Wind is exclusive software, created by NASA's Ames Research Center, that provides a unique 3D visualization experience of our planet.

In addition to terrestrial images, it provides fascinating data collected by six distinct satellites.

It is used globally by organizations to monitor weather conditions, visualize cities and terrain, analyze geospatial information, and educate about Earth and celestial bodies.

Features and characteristics

Its main feature is the ability to display detailed images and data of the Earth in 3D. Furthermore, it allows users to explore other planets and natural satellites with the same precision.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate the globe and other celestial bodies.

It also offers the visualization of layers of varied data, including climatic, topographic and vegetation information.


In contrast to other satellite imagery viewing apps, NASA World Wind is not available for mobile devices. To access, you must visit the program's official website.

Zoom Earth

Zoom Earth stands out as an interactive tool for weather mapping and monitoring storms and hurricanes in real time.

Allows users to follow weather events live, with the ability to see updated images of planet Earth.

It provides detailed weather maps on wind, precipitation, temperature and pressure, making it essential for anyone looking for accurate and recent weather information.

Features and Features

It stands out for providing live satellite images, updated every ten minutes by the “NOAA GOES” satellite and every fifteen minutes by “EUMETSAT Meteosat”.

It allows for significant customization, giving users the freedom to adjust the view as per their needs.

It's ideal for monitoring weather events, environmental changes or simply exploring different areas of the globe.

Availability and Popularity

Available for Android and IOS, Zoom Earth has reached more than 500 thousand downloads, establishing itself as a reliable and well-liked tool for viewing satellite images and meteorological data.

In short, satellite imagery viewing apps open a unique window into our world, offering a unique perspective and valuable insights.

Whether for fun, study, monitoring or mere curiosity, these features allow you to explore practically any part of the world through your smartphone. For a complete experience, try all the apps and programs mentioned and enjoy the view of Earth from space!

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