Lar Doce Lar 2023: Register for Sunday with Huck

Unmissable opportunity: the registration period for Lar Doce Lar 2023 has begun! If you dream of having your home transformed, take five minutes right now to find the way to sign up without delay.

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The Lar Doce Lar segment has been an established attraction on Brazilian TV since 2006, initially part of “Caldeirão do Huck”. With the transition of Luciano Huck to “Domingão com Huck”, the Lar Doce Lar 2023 project also gained space in this new program.

This painting is one of the most touching on television, as it represents the realization of a dream: the total renovation of the house. And now, you have the chance to compete for this opportunity. Continue reading to find out how to participate and have the chance to make this dream come true!

Home Sweet Home Mechanism

Selected by the program, families who accept the renovation of their homes must face challenges in Domingão com Huck. These tests are generally simple and include performances, games, dexterity and resistance tests, among others.

These activities are designed to entertain the public, but the real purpose is to ensure that the family wins to achieve their dream. It is worth remembering that the participation of all family members increases the chances of success. After the victory, the family is treated to a trip paid for by the program, so that they can only see the renovated house at the end of the works.

When handing over the keys, it is common to hold a celebration, providing, in addition to a new home, a party with the special presence of Luciano Huck.

Eligibility and Registration

To sign up for Lar Doce Lar, the criteria are quite accessible. The most essential thing is to have a moving narrative to share. Whether it's a family story or a personal overcoming, it's crucial that your story moves those who listen to it.

Other requirements are equally basic, such as the family needing to prove that they have lived in local for more than two years, have limited financial resources and have their property documentation up to date. It may seem complicated, but it's worth it for the dream of having your home transformed.

If you don't want to sign up, but know someone who would benefit, you can sign up someone else. Imagine the surprise of providing a complete makeover for that person or family!

The Case of Dona Ivalda in Lar Doce Lar

A case that touched many was that of Dona Ivalda, a nursing technician, whose story was shown on Caldeirão do Huck in 2020. Her daughter Renata secretly signed her up, dreaming of the day when Luciano Huck would appear on her doorstep. Renata wished that in 10 days, her mother's two-decade dream would be fulfilled. Dona Ivalda not only saw her dream come true, but also fulfilled other desires, such as seeing the sea and meeting her mother again.

To find out how to transform your home, head to the next article and see the step-by-step guide to register for Lar Doce Lar 2023!

You will remain on the same site

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