How to get free clothes at SHEIN

Shein is a global company founded in 2008, and has been very successful to this day due to its affordable prices and pieces that we cannot find so easily in physical stores. 

But, did you know that there is a way to purchase these items completely free of charge? That's right! At SHEIN there is a free trial program where you can choose up to three pieces, 3 times a week and in return, you will be asked to give an evaluation about your overall experience.

Continue reading and find out what SHEIN's free trial program is and how it works.

What is the SHEIN free trial?

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The free try-on program is a platform developed by SHEIN that allows its customers to receive clothes completely free of charge in exchange for detailed evaluations about their overall experience, including the quality of the piece, fit on the body, construction of the clothing , etc.

This program aims to help the brand provide more detailed information for other buyers to see and make the best choice when purchasing a piece.

How does the free trial work?

Anyone can sign up for the program, as long as they are a repeat buyer and their account is not blocked. To sign up is very simple, just follow the step-by-step instructions below. Look:

  • Go to “profile” and in the “more services” tab, click on “free testing center”;
  • Choose the product that suits you best;
  • Click on “free trial”;
  • Confirm your information and address.

Okay, now just wait for the result! If you are selected, a message stating “approved” will appear and the product will be sent to the selected address

Evaluation report

When you receive the product, you will receive a report and you will have 10 days to send the evaluation stating your overall experience with the program, including the quality of the piece received. 

In the content of the report you will describe the pros and cons of the item received, be honest with your evaluations, however, it is important that it not only have negative aspects. 

You must also attach photos and specify what you liked most about the piece and how you will combine it with other accessories. These reviews are important as they help other users decide whether or not to click on the purchase link.

Once the report is approved, you will receive a 20 point reward. And if it is considered to be of high quality, you will receive 100 points and this will increase your chances of receiving new products. If your report does not meet the requirements, you will have one more opportunity to resubmit it.

How are winners chosen?

How to get free clothes on shein - Source: Reproduction
How to get free clothes on shein – Source: Reproduction

The selection is made automatically by the SHEIN system itself, where it takes into account information such as:

  • Purchase frequency;
  • Quantity of purchases;
  • If you have already participated in the tests at some other time and made quality assessments;

They analyze all this information to decide who will be the next to receive the free clothes. The selection system prioritizes active customers who are engaged with the store


Having the chance to expand your wardrobe with SHEIN clothes and accessories completely free of charge has become easier with the arrival of the free trial program. Now that you know how to get free clothes at SHEIN, how about getting started and putting everything you learned into practice? 

Remember that anyone can participate in the free trial using the app, as long as your account meets some basic criteria.

If you are approved, don't forget to leave an honest and detailed review, this will certainly help other users to make the right choice.

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