SENAC waxing course: how to sign up and take advantage of the opportunity

SENAC is an institution well known for offering high-quality professional courses, including hair removal. With certified training, you gain credibility and open doors in the job market, which is always looking for qualified professionals.

The quality of your teaching is unquestionable. The courses are designed to provide not only the theoretical knowledge, but also the practice necessary to face the job market.

The waxing market is promising and offers good job opportunities across the country. Continue reading to find out the best information.

General course information

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Objectives and programmatic contents

The SENAC course covers a diversity of essential knowledge for those who wish to specialize in the area. From varied hair removal techniques to skin anatomy, the student is introduced to fundamental information for practicing the profession.

Furthermore, it offers an in-depth look at the different types of waxes and products used in the waxing process, which is important for choosing the best materials, ensuring quality service and customer satisfaction.

Finally, the SENAC methodology balances theory and practice, preparing the student to deal with the most diverse situations in the workplace.

Duration and workload

The course has a total workload of 160 hours, distributed in face-to-face classes. The duration of the course may vary depending on the institution, but is generally approximately 2 months.

Documents required for registration

To sign up for the free SENAC Hair Removal Course, you must have:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of education;
  • Proof of address. 

Application process and requirements

How to participate

The registration process is simple. First, check the requirements and necessary documentation and then pay attention to the deadlines so as not to miss the chance to enroll in the waxing course.

SENAC facilitates access to quality professional education, and being informed about the registration process is the first step to transforming your professional life.

Course methodology and structure

This course aims to prepare professionals to apply basic hair removal techniques, and consists of the following methodology:

  • Theory and Fundamentals: includes the study of skin and hair anatomy, skin types, skin conditions, contraindications, hygiene and safety, applicable legislation and professional ethics.
  • Hair Removal Techniques: covers various hair removal techniques, such as hot wax, cold wax, threading, shaving, laser hair removal and pulsed light, among others. Each technique is detailed, including benefits, disadvantages and correct application.
  • Supervised Practice: This is a crucial component, where students apply the techniques learned on real models. This typically happens in an environment that simulates a professional waxing space.
  • Customer Service: Teaches you about the importance of effective communication, how to conduct an initial consultation, manage expectations, and provide a positive customer experience.

Furthermore, the course structure is made up of an introduction, theoretical and practical modules, case studies and assessments, and in some cases a final course project or supervised internship.

Job market and opportunities

SENAC waxing course - Source: Freepik
SENAC waxing course – Source: Freepik

Employability and professional growth

The beauty segment in Brazil, according to data presented by the Brazilian Association of Industries and Personal Hygiene, Perfumes and Cosmetics (Abihpec), is one of the sectors that has shown the most growth in recent years.

This context justifies the offer of professional waxing qualifications, by Senac, to develop professionals who work competently, focusing on results and providing beauty services with quality and sustainability.

Salary and remuneration

The remuneration of a professional waxer in Brazil can vary significantly according to several factors. But, on average, a beginner waxer can earn between R$ 1,000.00 and R$ 1,500.00 per month, while a more experienced professional can earn more than R$ 3,000.00.


The beauty and aesthetics sector is constantly growing, and waxing is one of the most sought after services. As a result, the demand for qualified and well-prepared professionals is high. The employability data is encouraging, and the opportunities are varied. You can work in beauty salons, aesthetic clinics or even open your own business.

Having a SENAC certificate on your resume is a differentiator that adds credibility to your professional career. This course not only teaches effective techniques, but also covers knowledge about the skin and the products used, preparing you for a promising career.

With certification in hand, your options expand, and you can choose the path that best aligns with your professional goals.

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