How a smart thermostat works

Want to know how a smart thermostat works? He is a key piece to maintain the temperature in your home as you like, in a practical and energy-saving way. These little devices make all the difference, as they adjust to your rhythm of life and even allow you to control the temperature from anywhere using your cell phone.

Thanks to advances that have taken place in recent years, you can adjust the temperature of your space – be it your home, office, etc. – with an accuracy of 1°C! 

Now, how about finding out more about these features and how they can make your daily life easier? Keep reading and see how this technology can be useful in your daily life!

Quick answer

To keep the temperature in your home pleasant and save energy, consider a smart thermostat. These devices adjust to your rhythm of life and can be controlled remotely via cell phone. Choose the ideal model for your needs: mechanical, digital, programmable, zone or Wi-Fi. With precision of 1°C, they guarantee comfort without wasting energy. Enjoy the convenience of regulating the temperature from anywhere, learning from your habits to optimize usage and efficiency.

What is a thermostat and how does it work?

How a smart thermostat works - Source: Reproduction
How a smart thermostat works – Source: Reproduction

One thermostat is a device created to control the temperature of an environment, working in a very simple but very effective way. In short, it will compare the temperature of your local with the temperature you defined as ideal. 

If the temperature is below or above the desired temperature, the thermostat comes into action to correct this, activating or deactivating the heating or cooling system. Thermostats have a temperature sensor responsible for detecting thermal changes in the environment. 

They also have a control circuit that interprets sensor information and makes decisions based on this data. If the temperature is low, for example, a thermostat will turn on the heating to warm you up.

Mechanical and electronic thermostats – how they work

There is a difference between mechanical thermostats It is electronics. Mechanics use physical components, such as a bimetallic spiral that expands or contracts with temperature. 

The electronics work with thermistors or other more modern sensors, which measure the temperature more precisely and send information to a digital circuit that controls the heating or cooling of the environment.

Additionally, the 1°C accuracy that many thermostats offer is important because it allows keep the ambient temperature very close to that that is most comfortable for you, without large variations that could be annoying or waste energy. 

Types of thermostats

On the market, you can find a huge variety of models. There are the thermostats mechanics traditional ones, which are often adjusted manually, and the digital thermostats, which display the temperature on an LCD display, allowing for more precise adjustment. 

There are also programmable, where you can set a temperature for different times of the day or week, ideal for starting the day in an already heated or refrigerated home.

You zone thermostats allow you to control several areas of the house independently, while the limit thermostats activate the heating or cooling system only if the temperature is above or below the established limit. 

In addition to these, there are immersion thermostats, used in water heating systems, and chronothermostats, which are programmable and can turn the heating system on or off according to the times you define.

How does a Wi-Fi thermostat work?

Wi-Fi thermostats are an evolution of programmable thermostats and bring a whole new layer of connectivity and control that did not exist before. This means they can seamlessly integrate with other smart devices in the home, and you can adjust the temperature from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. 

And if you are a fan of alexa or the Google Home, you'll be happy to know that you can ask them to adjust the temperature for you, thanks to compatibility with virtual assistants. So, if your hands are full or you simply don't want to get up from the couch, a voice command is all you need to make yourself more comfortable.

Advantages of smart thermostats over traditional thermostats

How a smart thermostat works - Source: Reproduction
How a smart thermostat works – Source: Reproduction

When you compare a smart thermostat with a traditional model, you'll soon notice the difference in efficiency. The smart thermostat works to save energy by adjusting the heating or cooling system according to the real needs of the room. 

The ease of use and even install a smart thermostat is another highlight. It allows you to control the temperature wherever you are, using your smartphone or tablet – which is quite a convenience. 

Forgot to turn off the heating? With one of these smart devices, that's a problem of the past! It learns from your habits and patterns, and some even have a memory function, making temperature adjustment a simple and automatic task. 

Differences between smart and programmable thermostat 

The big difference is in the adaptability of smart thermostats. While one programmable thermostat depends on a pre-defined setting that you manually adjust to your desired times and temperatures, a smart thermostat does much more.

The intelligent ones have sensors and algorithms that adapt to ambient temperature in a dynamic way, learning from your habits. 

How can a smart thermostat help you?

A smart thermostat is a great help for your daily life – this type of device goes far beyond simply keeping your home warm or cool. It is capable of providing significant savings on your energy bill by adjusting the heating or cooling system as needed.

As you have seen, with a WiFi smart thermostat, you can even do this from wherever you are, using your smartphone or tablet. About that, other smart thermostats learn from your habits and automatically adjust the ambient temperature


Finally, I hope you have realized how smart thermostats are true allies in keeping your home comfortable and how they help to save energy. 

You have seen that, if you choose a smart thermostat, such as a Wi-Fi smart thermostat, you will have a companion that can be controlled remotely, learn from your patterns and even be controlled by voice with the help of assistants like Alexa, for example. 

There are countless options available on the market, so how about starting this change now and experiencing all the advantages that these devices offer, in your own home?

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