How to reset Fire TV Stick

Do you want to find out how to reset the Fire TV Stick? Do you already know the need to carry out this procedure? Whether to fix technical glitches or to clear your personal data if you plan to pass it on, understanding how to reset the Fire TV Stick it is fundamental.

Sometimes your device may have errors or run slower than usual, it is precisely in these situations that restarting may be the ideal solution. This process is also necessary when you want to sell or gift your device to someone, ensuring that private information is not shared.

Continue reading to discover the step-by-step guide to leaving your device as good as new!

Quick answer

If your Fire TV Stick is slow or buggy, you can reset it to improve performance or before passing it on. To do this, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Factory Reset. If you cannot access the menu, use the remote control to simultaneously press the "Back" button and the "Right Arrow" button for 10 seconds. Remember, when you reset, all your personal data will be erased from the device. If you need help, Amazon support is available to assist you.

How to reset Amazon's Fire TV Stick: troubleshooting

How to reset the Fire TV Stick - Source: Reproduction
How to reset the Fire TV Stick – Source: Reproduction

O reset process It is important and needs to be done carefully so that all downloaded content, including in-app purchases, are safely removed. I will show you the detailed steps to carry out this procedure using the device's system options, so it is easier to understand.

Before you start, make sure you really want to format your device, as all personal information will be erased, okay?

How to reset the device to factory settings

You will need to use the remote control and follow a sequence of actions that return the device to factory settings, wiping all your personal information and preferences.

So, grab the remote control and follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on the Fire Stick and wait for the TV screen to appear;
  2. Use the controller to select the gear icon and access settings. You can also go into Settings directly;
  3. Within the menu, choose the option “My Fire TV”, “Device” or “System”, depending on the version you have;
  4. Search for and select “Reset to Factory Settings” or “Reset to factory defaults”;
  5. If the system prompts you, enter your PIN to continue. Then, confirm for the reset to begin.

Okay, now just wait for the procedure to finish. This reset will return it to its initial state, as when it was turned on for the first time. Oh, and make sure the device is connected to the power source throughout the process to avoid interruptions.

Did you have any difficulties or need help with any step? Amazon has support that can help: just get in touch via email help-amazon@amazon.com.br or by site, that they give you strength in this.

If the system is not responding

If you encounter problems and the settings menu is not accessible or the system does not seem to respond to commands, there is another way to reset the device. 

You will use the remote control to resolve this. The process is a little different, but it is also simple. First, make sure it is turned on. Here's what you need to do using the remote:

  1. With the Fire Stick turned on, press and hold the “Back” button and the “Right Arrow” button at the same time for 10 seconds;
  2. After 10 seconds, a message should appear on the screen. Select “Reset” to confirm that you want to return to factory default settings.

If your remote control is not working or you have lost it, an alternative is to use a smartphone or borrow a compatible control to reset it. Although it is not possible to reset the Fire TV Stick without a controller, this is an effective solution to work around the problem.

If you found this method of resetting your device useful and were able to do it without any difficulties, great! Otherwise, as previously stated, Amazon offers support to assist you. 

Resolving the blinking orange light

How to reset the Fire TV Stick - Source: Reproduction
How to reset the Fire TV Stick – Source: Reproduction

Did you notice that the orange light on your Fire TV Stick controller started blinking? Calm down, this indicates that there is something that needs attention. It could be a sign that the controller is not communicating well with the device and a simple solution could be to change the batteries, but sometimes you need to do more than that.

Follow these steps to try to resolve this inconvenience:

  1. Reset the controller to factory settings and pair it with the TV again;
  2. Replace the batteries with new ones to ensure there is no power problem;
  3. Keep the control closer to the TV when using, we recommend up to 3 meters away;
  4. If necessary, unplug the TV and plug it back in to start the pairing process again;
  5. Check if your internet connection is working well. If it is unstable, try restarting the router;
  6. If it still doesn't work, use the Fire TV app on your smartphone, available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Remember, these procedures are not only helpful in dealing with the blinking light, but they can also improve communication between your controller and the device. If at the end of the attempts everything works as expected again, great!


Closing our conversation about how to reset the Fire TV Stick, you saw that it is a practical process that can be carried out both through the device settings and through the remote control, in cases where the system does not respond. 

This procedure is perfect for resolving errors that interfere with normal use of the device or for clearing your data before selling or transferring ownership of the device. When you complete the reset, it will be ready to be configured again, without any leftover personal data or previous settings. 

If you have any questions along the way or need further guidance, don't hesitate to contact Amazon for support via email. help-amazon@amazon.com.br or by site!

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