Applications to test vision – See how it works!

Have you ever felt the need to check the condition of your vision but found it impossible to consult an ophthalmologist? Vision testing apps offer a convenient alternative for such times. In a brief period of 5 minutes, it is possible to understand how they work and start using them.

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Although technology is essential in modern life and is always within reach, it is impressive that we can also monitor and care for our vision through an app.

These apps are designed to assess eye health and identify vision problems, including visual acuity testing. They are particularly useful for those who do not have easy access to eye care services. To learn about the apps that are essential in the early detection of eye problems, continue reading!

What are these apps?

They use sophisticated algorithms and the processing power of cell phones to identify conditions such as myopia, astigmatism and color blindness.

In addition to carrying out acuity tests, these apps offer educational information about eye health and allow constant monitoring of the user's vision.

This is a notable advance in terms of accessibility and practicality for eye health care, especially for those who face difficulties in accessing regular eye care.

Application features

The applications stand out for their accessibility and simplicity of use. They offer several tests, including the famous Snellen test.

The Snellen test is the one with letters of different sizes that you try to read during an ophthalmological consultation, telling the specialist what you can see.

Using your smartphone's camera, apps analyze vision and identify common conditions such as myopia and astigmatism quickly, becoming valuable tools for initial assessments.

Importance of eye health care

Vision is a vital sense, playing an essential role in our daily interaction with the world by translating light into visual information processed by the brain.

Maintaining eye health is crucial for a good quality of life, affecting everything from daily tasks to the ability to work and study. Vision testing apps are a practical way to take care of this important sense.

According to the WHO, around 285 million people have visual impairment globally, with 60% to 80% of these cases being preventable. In Brazil, more than 35 million people have some type of visual problem.

Advantages of using the applications

The applications bring benefits such as the possibility for people in isolated areas or with restrictions to go to the ophthalmologist to check their vision.

Its user-friendly interface and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology allow anyone to perform a quick and effective visual check-up.

They are extremely convenient for frequent checks, helping to identify visual problems early.

However, it is essential to emphasize that, despite the convenience of applications, they do not replace consultations with an ophthalmologist. Test results are indicative only and do not have the same validity as a professional exam.

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