Gas voucher assistance: how to apply and who is entitled?

The Vale Gás Aid is a benefit created by the Federal Government at the end of 2021 to cover cooking gas costs for low-income families.

It represents essential support, generating well-being for families in situations of economic vulnerability and allowing them to prepare their meals with safety and dignity. 

If you want to know how to acquire gas voucher assistance, continue reading to find out more information!

What is gas voucher assistance?

Gas voucher assistance - Source: Pexels
Gas voucher assistance – Source: Pexels

Program definition and objectives

The gas voucher aid was developed by the federal government with the aim of reducing the impact of the value of cooking gas. Its objective is to ensure that families registered with CadÚnico have access to food preparation, reducing the impact of gas costs on the most restricted household budgets.

Provides a specific value or voucher that can be exchanged for gas cylinders at authorized establishments. The benefit is released every two months directly to the Digital Social Savings account, CAIXA Fácil Savings Account or Social Platform, with withdrawals being possible using a social card.

Eligibility and registration

Criteria for receipt

The aid eligibility criteria are established to ensure that the benefit reaches the families most in need, typically those in situations of social and economic vulnerability. 

To receive it, you need to be registered with CadÚnico, a social program that allows the government to know who low-income families are.

Registration process for CadÚnico

The CadÚnico registration process cannot yet be carried out remotely. If you wish to register, you must go to the Social Assistance Reference Center – CRAS closest to your residence.

You or the family responsible must declare the information of all the people with whom you live, in addition, you must carry the appropriate documentation, both personally and for other family members. Look:

  • Original document with photo;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of residence or declaration of where you live;
  • Voter registration card;
  • Birth certificate;

In addition, your family must have a monthly income of up to half the minimum wage per person. Click here to find the CRAS closest to your localidade.

Payment dynamics

Gas voucher assistance - Source: Reproduction
Gas voucher assistance – Source: Reproduction

Calculation of the benefit value

The aid amount may vary, but is generally defined as a fraction of the national average price of a 13-kilo cylinder. Payment is made every two months, which helps families plan their finances with a little more predictability.

It is important to be aware, as the value of the benefit may change depending on government policies and changes in the economy. The government seeks to adjust the aid so that it continues to be effective and fulfills its social assistance role.

The bimonthly periodicity of the benefit is designed to coincide with the need to replace the cylinder in most homes. 

Calendar and forms of receipt

The gas voucher aid payment schedule follows the same pattern as the Bolsa Família payment schedule, that is, it is made according to the final digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS).

Payments are made to a digital or bank account, and if you do not have access to one of these options, a digital social savings account will automatically be opened, when possible. 

The validity of the benefit portion of the Gas Auxiliary Program is 120 days, counting from the date on which the benefit is made available in the payment option.


The gas voucher aid was created by the Federal Government in 2021 and its origin is linked to the need to ensure that no family is left without access to this basic food resource. Not surprisingly, the gas voucher is used by approximately 5.9 million Brazilians.

The impact of Vale Gás on the benefiting families is immense. It goes beyond the financial aspect, providing peace of mind for homes that, without this support, would have difficulty preparing their meals.

Reports from families who receive it frequently highlight how the program contributes to reducing stress and anxiety related to household expenses. 

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